•  Immodest Proposals for a MultiSpecies Philadelphia

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Bringing non-human nature back into cities is a beautiful - and a vitally important - project. But; how successful will we really be if we don’t also bring it back into the thoughts - and hearts - of the humans who inhabit the cities? To move beyond the merely decorative, or the imposed-from-above, the complicated work of rewilding needs to be based in a desire among a significant portion of a local population for a reengagement with non-human nature.

The projects presented here are a few ideas in that direction that have popped into my head over 25 years of living - and gardening - on Walnut Street in Center City Philadelphia. Living for so many years on one of the many, many tree-named streets in our city has planted seeds in my mind that have grown, slowly - mostly in the background - as I’ve worked on other projects.

Like the ‘weed’ trees that pop up in unexpected places: growing out of the sides of buildings and in neglected corners of the city, these ideas are unofficial and unauthorized, but still have, I hope, something worthwhile to offer to an anthropocentric world with too little green in it.

Albo Jeavons